Venus follows the Moon

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A bike ride to the edges of town is a welcome break from staring into the Matrix of the LaTeX machine all day long.  Yesterday, Oumar got the bikes fixed up and we rode further than we usually do, which is already far, passing by a field with rock formations that we had never seen before.  Unexpected adventures are a rarity here; excursions are always planned due to number of people involved and safety precautions.  Oumar suggested we check out the area.  The rocks themselves were unusual, lava-like, but the real mystery was found when we got close and started climbing among them.  Hidden on the rock faces beyond the dry grassy field revealed intricate designs, like an open-air museum.  Someone or someones had carved elephants, faces, birds, even footprints into the rocks.


On the way back into town we heard drumming and on the side of the road was a man on stilts, dancing, with a mask and a tail.

As we watched the sunset, the moon became clear with a brilliant star to its adjacent left, at the exact same level.  The star was so bright it was surely not a star, I believe it to be Venus.  While we biked back home in darkness due to rolling blackouts, we still remarked that the bright star was with the crescent moon.


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