What I learned at skool today

How to import a text from Fieldworks and (correctly) time align it in Elan:

Open the text you want to export in Fieldworks under the analyze pane.

Under tools select configure to choose which interlinear lines to show.

Go to File, Export Interlinear, and then select FLEXTEXT.

Save this file somewhere you can easily retrieve it.

Open Elan.

Go to File, Import, FLEx File.

Select the FLEXTEXT file you just generated plus the accompanying sound file as the media file.

The smallest alignable time element is the phrase.  Leave everything else unchecked.

Save this file as filename_raw.eaf (where filename is whatever you call it).

Now, this if fine except that it won’t be lined up correctly and thus this is where I got stuck until Alex showed me the following steps:

In Elan, go to file and select new, here only select your sound file.

Open this side by side with the Fieldworks text in baseline mode/tab.

In Elan, go to Options and select segmentation mode.

Select one keystroke per annotation (adjacent annotations).

Play the sound file in Elan, and while listening to it, follow along with however you have arranged the text into paragraphs in Fieldworks (remember every time you hit return in the baseline mode, that is a new paragraph).

After each paragraph in Fieldworks, hit a key on the Elan screen to segment the sound file.

Save this file as filename_segmentation.eaf

Go to (or download it if you don’t have it) Notepad ++.

Open up both the eaf files (raw and segmentation) in Notepad ++.

They should have the same number of time slots.  Select all the time slots (like this: <TIME_SLOT TIME_SLOT_ID=”ts1″ TIME_VALUE=”1423″/>) in the segmentation eaf file and copy them into the raw eaf file.

Save this file as filename_done.eaf.

Open filename_done.eaf in Elan.

The result is lovely!

Now, for an extra cool step, export this perfectly aligned time file into a Praat text grid.

Open up both the Praat text grid and the sound file in Praat to display all the phonetic data right along with your transcriptions and interlinear glosses and translations!



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