Exercise to exorcise

There are loads of introspective gym blogs out there – Henry Rollins’ spoken word, Gym Jones and everyone connected to them, even Sly has some inspiring iron philosophies. Most discuss the ways and means by which an athlete surrenders himself to suffering, thereby building an impenetrable mind and therefore body. Most are written by men.

Yoga/Pilates blogs focus on the emotional outlets found within the body. Hip openers like happy baby and pidgeon are often discussed as being emotional triggers and releasers. Most of these insights are written by women.
But who discusses unlocking the emotional power of hip movements like thrusters, kettlebell swings, snatches, even deadlifts? From whence does strength really come, and for that matter, trauma? Maybe training can be for those who have lost something and wish to work to gain it back (rather than the other way around). As men get more in touch with the emotional side of their physicality and women find the hidden sources of power within their bodies, we can reach a whole new level of wholeness. Personally, I have been though years of talking therapy but never have I achieved an unblocking such as I found today.
It is not alone that one walks into the shadows though – for me today there is God, then the Coach, the wings, and the Fire Woman, plus the dungeon.  May we all find the courage to start to face our demons.

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