Exercise to Exorcise Part II

Who is Bob? He is the evil that men do.

In our society, men perpetuate violence upon each other and upon women. The manifestation of evil is that violence as enacted by men. When women are the targets of that violence, they absorb it in the form of pain. The pain is held within the body, often at the source of the injury. The pain can be held for a lifetime unless it is effectively removed.

Ineffective means of attempting to remove the pain (ignoring the pain being another option as well) include trying to poison it out through drugs and alcohol, trying to kill oneself along with the pain and associated demons, and recreating the incident which caused the pain in the first place in order to choose a new outcome.

This last option can go in two ways – unconsciously, she seeks out a man who resembles the perpetrator in some way. However, another option which can lead to effective healing is to recreate the experience but in her own terms and with a different outcome. Ways in which she can seek out pain yet control it and even grow from it include tattooing and intense physical exercise.

Again, this can be done in two ways. Self-harm is not the goal, yet as Coach says, “never underestimate the healing power of hurt”. Literally recreating a situation – lying down quietly through hours of agonizing inking for instance – yet by a female artist with whom there is much trust established, in order to produce a living canvas, not only symbolizes but actually reenacts an event with a happy ending. It’s like those Choose Your own Adventure Novels we had when we were kids.

Furthering that outcome, the next time she encounters an obstacle, she may now invoke the power of the recreated positive experience rather than be hindered by the original trauma. The source of the pain may never completely dissipate, but, like the Phoenix, it may be reborn.


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