Is the Mind Primary?

Everyone who knows knows that I am an imbiber of the Koolaid of Gym Jones. Yet however wedding I am to the doctrines of Mark Twight and his crew, I find it is in sickness that I am challenged.  For about two weeks now, I have been debilitated by some mysterious malady, “carried from the cold winds off the norther desert”. I used Twight’s mantra, “the Mind is Primary”, to push one foot in front of the other to arrive at the clinic, a mere 1/4 of a mile from our field base but on the day the sickness hit me, it felt as though I was crossing the entirety of the Sahara from which it supposedly came. Although the mind was protesting with every agonising shuffle, I diverted it towards training in the gym.  Another Gym Jones lesson: training has to be for something. I thought about how Twight has lamented that most people don’t drop the weights due to physical failure. The mind is primary. The mind says give up and thus we listen. It is exceptional to override this subtle yet ominous voice to simply keep moving in the direction of our goals and dreams.


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