Votes for Roots

I’ve been thinking about the origins of food a lot since the idea of our farm-to-table restaurant, Kaïra Kunda, came about. It’s a bit wild to consider that all the foods we consume were once part of living things! Even vegans and vegetarians eat fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts which were part of growing, living plants which need sun, soil, water, and air prior to eating them. It’s not as if anyone has ever tried to eat an apple while it was still attached to the bud of its tree branch or harvested an ear of corn still on the stalk!  Of course, a difference between plants and animals is that the plant itself continues to sustain life even after its fruits are harvested, but nevertheless, even if one choses not to eat meat, chicken, or fish, we all must take something from a living thing in order to sustain our own.

While eating once living things is part of the inherent cycle of life, we do have control over parts of the process: 1) fair treatment of the farmer or gardener who grew the produce, 2) the life that our food had prior to its departure from its source and 3) the time and distance between harvesting and consumption. We hear a lot about animal rights, but what about humans’ rights? Before cooking dinner this evening or deciding on your dish from a menu, contemplate its ingredients for a moment. That pizza has tomato sauce – were the people who grew the tomatoes treated fairly or did they suffer? Where were they grown?  What happened to the tomatoes after they were harvested? What was added along the way? I get that starting along this line of thinking may prevent you from ever eating again but then again, it may give one an essential pause that can lead to a substantial change.

While Kaïra Kunda may not impact you personally, the idea of it is one that I think we can all get behind and try to implement in our own lives. Support local farmer’s markets, local businesses, and help start sustainable initiatives like ours in other communities without such resources. We need your pledges and votes at Kaïra Kunda today!


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