Mindful growth

How does Kaïra Kunda impact you and why would you want to vote and/or pledge your support?

If you’re reading this, it means you care about the welfare of others. You’re surely aware that in our current capitalist system, many of our actions unintentionally negatively affect others. It’s easier not to think about these problems on a daily basis. That’s why we’ve thought about the problem and can offer you a potential solution.

Thinking about it can make us feel guilty, yet we think we’re incapable of doing anything to solve the problem.
Whether your passion is for workers rights, the ethical treatment of animals, or environmental concerns, every decision we make with regards to clothing, food, or transport impacts one or more of these big issues. Unless you sew your own clothes, grow your own food, and live in your own home off the grid, you’re also going to have to trust someone to provide you with the necessary services to sustain a comfortable existence. Further, you have to pay for these services and we all know the rate goes up the more organic, free range, ethical, or environmentally friendly the product is. The higher prices can tempt producers into subtle trickery and the need to stay competitive can force honest sellers to cut corners. A mindful existence is no easy matter to those of us with the time and resources to manage it, let alone for those who don’t.

While Africa may be lagging behind the US-EU-UK-AU in industry, many countries in Africa are ahead in that they’ve skipped over out of date technologies to adapt to more sustainable options such as solar, wind, and even waste, power and fuel sources. Specifically in southwestern Senegal’s coastal city of Kafountine, not only are all these renewable resources being used but also permaculture farming methods are catching on throughout the community.

While it’s tempting to pay a lower cost and save money in the short term, by doing so we’re actually paying a higher cost to someone, somewhere, and to ourselves in the long term, by wasting precious, priceless nonrenewable resources like a fulfilling life and clean air for future generations.
Is the goal of life to get an education so we can get a job that we hate that pays a lot of money to get a house that we want to leave to go on vacation to a poor yet beautiful place and spend the whole time feeling guilty for having a big house and lots of money? What if we budgeted, donated, shared, and lived simply with less but by an ocean where the sun shines every day of the year instead? And what if we spent our life learning from those who came before us how to live in harmony with our surroundings and transmitted that knowledge to those around us? Wouldn’t you want to join us?

Assuming you’ve read this far, your answer is likely yes. So let Richard Branson know who you support in this competition by voting, pledging, and sharing right now before it’s too late. At 11:59 London time we’ll either turn into a pumpkin or we’ll move into the next round and it all depends on you. 
For those who don’t have or don’t want to share their FB or LinkedIn information, here’s a direct link to our crowd funding page where you can show your support with you pledge towards our £10,000 goal. 


The idea for Kaïra Kinda, Home of Peace, arose from a problem and a partnership. The problem is poverty in Africa and the partnership is between Abdoulaye, a trained permaculturist with a degree in business management, Momo, a restaurant chef with a culinary degree, and me, a Returned Peace Corps volunteer, indebted to hard working villagers across West Africa for their patience in my years of linguistic research.

Momo has been working tirelessly ever since we acquired the land to get it measured properly. As Abdoulie just returned this weekend from furthering his permaculture training at an institute in Ghana, they’re doing everything they can so that we can get seeds sown before the rains come in the next couple months. Specifically, your current pledges will give Momo and Abdoulaye the funds to share their knowledge with others to teach how to clear and reuse the existing brush, plant a live fence, dig the raised beds, and sow the seeds.


You’ve probably already voted so we are grateful to you and if you haven’t we’d be grateful if you’d link to the above and show us some love!


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