Cycling in the Spirit of Aaron

At the end of this month, I’ll be cycling 100 miles in memory of Aaron for the charity, Meningitis Now. I had a great experience cycling with their team last year and am giving all my energy to making this year even better.

This past Sunday, at a 65 mile sportive event in Essex, I witnessed a cyclist literally pushing another cyclist up a hill with which she was struggling. He could have overtaken her and kept cruising to the finish but instead he reached out his arm and gave her the boost she needed. Shortly thereafter, when the event was over, we all sat in the sun, on the grass, watching a big screen projection of the Tour de France.
Last year I didn’t train enough for the ride and consequently suffered a great deal.  This year I thought that just because Aaron suffered doesn’t mean he would want me to endure pain in an effort to honour his memory or to try to raise money to prevent others from contracting meningitis. This is why I am spending every Sunday slowly raising the miles.
Now I need your help to raise the money as well.  Mom and Dad have already contributed generously to the cause so please do donate and spread the word to those who would be interested in this cause and in helping me to ride for Aaron.
Of course it wasn’t all bad last year.  One particularly happy memory I have is of seeing some people that I had been at the start line with about 3/4 through the race and they shouted out, “the sun girl!” because of my Arrow to the Sun tattoo for Aa is prominently positioned on my calf which protrudes up those hills!

Help me fly for Aaron at the end of the month by following this link to my fundraising page for the Prudential Ride London 2016.


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