Circles and Cycles

Actually, I won’t be talking about bikes in this post. Instead, I’d to explore the boomerang effect that brings us back home at various points in our lives. Since arriving in the US about a week and half ago, I have been re-discovering the town in which I grew up. Due to reverse-culture shock and many changes in the town since I have spent significant time here, coming home is like being here for the first time. My parents are showing me all of the magical places that they enjoy visiting such as this hidden sculpture trail near Hanging Rock.

Yesterday, we walked downtown to visit the newly added but traditional Mast General Store. For my birthday dinner we visited Salem Tavern, a place that has been around since the town’s foundation but I had never been to, where the manager greeted us by name and today, I met up with a friend who I had not seen in 15 years!  She took me to a restaurant in the The West End Mill Works, which, as she said, was formerly not a place where anyone was getting up to anything good.

Being with my parents and reunited with my old friend shows me that no matter where life leads us in terms of location, we still find our ways back to that which is most important. Despite the distance, we all still share such a common lifestyle and that shared space of values is so comforting when calling a specific place home can feel artificial or even ephemeral.


But speaking of home, I am also writing this post with the intention of sincerely thanking all of you for the touching and personal birthday wishes. Although I was disappointed to find out on the same day that the wish I was really hoping for, that of Kaïra Kunda being shortlisted for The Lush Spring Prize, didn’t come true, Momo and the on-the-ground team did manage to surprise me with the completion of our well. That plus all of your well-wishes, written in so many different languages and symbols, sent from so many different directions of the earth, made me see that we already have the prize for which we were seeking! With water and a community surrounding us, we have everything we need!


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