Beyond the Basics

It’s my policy to give away all but the essentials when I move from a place, particularly if the move is international. The question becomes, what are the essentials? Beyond the basic human needs, the answer to the question will be different for each of us. I’ve discovered that this is my list of 11 necessary objects and foods (couldn’t get it down to ten! I find I am not sustainable past a week without all of these.):

1) Device with internet connection

2) Bike (Kitt is featured above in her en Afrique debut!)

3) TRX trainer

4) Foam roller

5) Swiss ball

6) Engaging, non-academic reading material

7) University library (minimally online) access

8) Loose leaf black tea

9) Whole milk

10) Full fat sugar-free yogurt

11) Pin head oatmeal



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