What we’ve been up to…

Despite the many obstacles we encountered over the summer, we are so pleased to present all the work we accomplished so we want to share it with you! While I was balancing time between linguistic and farm work, Momo was undeterred by the heavy rains, punctured tires, and the excessive heat, as he led the team’s daily activities.

The hectare plot of land upon which Kaïra Kunda sits contains an array of naturally occurring native fruit trees and vines. We’ve tried to keep as many of these important species intact as possible, but where we have had to clear areas to make room for the garden and gazebo, we replanted with local tree species, including a perimeter of flowering spiny bushes that I established from cuttings. My planting system was to carry them in a bag on my back so that I could draw each one like an arrow from its quiver and shoot them into the ground with one stick!

To satisfy our debate of which I shared with you, together, Momo and I planted both fruit trees (coconut, orange, papaya, and banana so far) and also seeds for the permaculture bed of green beans, corn, and tomatoes. The two-story gazebo overlooks the garden bed.

The best part about Kaïra Kunda is the community involvement. I never could have achieved all of the creative, artistic expression that our farm family has contributed!  These people use a machete like a paint brush! It’s truly awe-inspiring what can be created out of the most basic of materials.

For our funders, your gift is on the way and for those of you yet to contribute, just imagine what we can accomplish with even more resources! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, queries, or advice and if you love what we do, let us know at our fundraising page.


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