Bangime Corpus: Presentation and Usage

Here you will find information concerning the Bangime corpus and archive, one of the most mysterious languages spoken in the world today. Although the political situation in Mali prevents most of us from personally travelling to the region where Bangime is spoken, we can still analyze past data gathered from Bounou, the largest of seven villages where Bangime is spoken. I hope making the raw data available to anyone who wishes to use it will further our understanding of the language’s relationship to the surrounding Dogon peoples’ also intriguing language and culture, in turn possibly revealing the secrets that the so-called “secret language” holds.

While I’m by no means the first nor the last to try to solve this puzzle, I offer you my contribution: some of the missing pieces. Namely, audio recordings including eight transcribed and translated texts, the Swadesh List, a lexicon with photographs of indigenous flora species, and many, many elicited data which are thusly named according to their accompanying metadata.

The data presented in the ELAR archive were gathered during my dissertation research in conjunction with the Dogon and Bangime Linguistics Project and funding agencies cited therein. These data were used in the production of my dissertation and forthcoming grammar (Heath, J. & Hantgan, A. (in press). A Grammar of Bangime. De Gruyter Mouton). I describe the data deposit as both an archive and a corpus as the former includes recordings with no adjoining annotations while the latter has interlinearization exported from my FLEx Bangime database. Both are useable via the ELAR website, with instructions provided there for creating a log in and so forth. From there, I would suggest that it is easier to download files for ease of usage. Additionally, one can perform metadata and even uploaded content search of the transcribed files at the somewhat backend IMDI browser site (best used with Mozilla Firefox). All transcribed files are will require ELAN to view, search, and use.

The deposit can be considered to be in a sort of guinea pig stage: I have yet to upload all my data as I wish to see what sort of need these data generate. If you have a specific data request, or would like a certain genre of text or interview to be interlinearized and time-aligned in ELAN, please let me know and if I have it, I will make it available asap!


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